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What have you done today to make you feel proud?

We all need to feel good about ourselves.

Joanne Dewberry is encouraging everyone to write about what you’re really proud of in your business.

I’m proud of combining emotional support with practical accounts help

It took me a long time to find what I wanted to do in business. I wanted a business model that meant I could use my supportive and teaching skills and help my fellow one man bands to feel good about themselves in a practical way.

One day, I had the lightbulb moment and realised why couldn’t I change my accounting business to be focused on removing the fear, panic, procrastination and hassle from doing bookkeeping and accounts.

I have a research methods degree and I adapted those skills to get solid data to benefit my business decision making while I was doing my bookkeeping.

I don’t mind doing it now. I treat myself to tea/wine and a brownie and I remember it’s helping me grow my business.

It’s a wonderful feeling when a client can stop feeling a bit scared about their accounts, or stop procrastinating about them. It gives me the warm and fuzzies. I felt uncertain for a while as I’m more expensive than some, but you can’t put a price on lost time, and that’s what I’m saving clients.

So, I’m proud of having a business that really suits me and means I can make a difference to people’s stress. We’re a community, us micro businesses and one man bands, and I love being a part of that and very proud to be.


A home made brownie for every One Man Band Accounting client

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It’s good to feel proud about what you’ve achieved. What do you feel proud of?

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