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Why You Are More Awesome Than You Believe You Are

This is a personal post, and I won’t even be making a ‘this is how this helps you with your accounts’ comparison at the end.

If you’d like to share my journey as a one man band business owner read on.

If you’d prefer to come back next week I’ll see you then. Everyone else, let’s get comfy.

It’s been a difficult month for me.

In 6 weeks we’ve had 3 bank holidays, the Easter holidays and half term.

People are busy playing catch up and the result is most of my about-to-be new clients from mid April are still that, about-to-be. Most of my calls with potential clients have been postponed because of illness or hecticness. Of course it happens, but usually not all in the same month.

Like you, I feel a bit tender when this happens.

I know I shouldn’t but I do.

I like to practice what Helen Elizabeth Evans does, going all out for an outcome and then separating myself from it. Not got there yet. At all.

Then last week I felt myself noticing something.

Actually, I have done rather a lot in May.

  • Constant enquiries with fabulous people I really want to work with, even if we haven’t talked yet(!)
  • I faced my introvert fears to help a business friend exhibit at a national trade show
  • I’m speaking at an incredible festival in August which I can’t announce yet, but watch this space!
  • Contributed to a book by Jenny Jameson, and when I saw who the other experts in the book are, my mouth dropped. Such incredible company! (The book’s free – click here)

So clearly I needed a reality check and probably I put far too much store in how I am feeling.


Look at your progress.

FB ad size Rosie mugSo this morning I am sitting at my computer.

I have a cup of tea. It’s a very good cup of tea.

You know when sometimes a good cup of tea puts thoughts in your head? (Or is that just me?)

Suddenly I saw the me of last September:

  • Struggling to write blog posts (not a problem any more. Thank you, Jo)
  • Struggling to do video (not a problem any more. Thank you Jo, again. See my video at the top of the post)
  • Struggling to attend face to face networking events. I attended 3 events in May (thank you Linda and Cathy)
  • Struggling to write my famous Tax Return Toolkit because of severe anxiety attacks (4 figure profit in 4 months)

Since September?

3 conference speaking bookings, I approached a national show at Excel to speak in 2015, and I launched my most favourite package Tax & Cake Heaven Intensive.

Ok, so I know I am walking the English tightrope between celebrating success and being punished for it (oh, she’s boasting, we don’t like her). But…

Isn’t that what keeps you minimising how good you actually really are?

I know I do it all the time. I am feeling twitchy leaving this post as written and not editing it down to hide where my hard work is paying off.


You’re A Lot More Awesome Than You Believe You Are


You are.

Emma Cossey of The Freelance Lifestyle talked about Pitch Slap Wednesday in her newsletter this week.

Pitch Slap Wednesday is about taking one weekly step towards getting new work. Easy enough to let slide when Life Happens.

I emailed Emma about what I had done this week, and realised I had done a lot (and was feeling worn down and pretty awful to be honest. You can guess which bit I had been focusing on).

Emma said others had done the same. So after a quick chat about a joint venture (it was Pitch Slap Wednesday after all), I think it hit home for both of us that often we do a lot more than we allow ourselves to have credit for.

Pitch Slap suggestions:

  • Update your social media bios
  • Approach a joint venture partner
  • Review your ideal client profiles
  • Pitch to that perfect client you would adore to work with (are you a stylish woman in a corporate career wanting out? Let’s talk)
  • Target what services you can upsell to current clients

Do you not give credit to yourself?

Are you as bad as me at this?


I give you credit for what you have achieved 🙂


Now it’s your turn.


[Tweet “I give myself credit for what I have achieved”]


What awesome fabulous things have you been up to?

Do you struggle with not giving yourself credit?


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