Welcome to The Money Haven

I give reassurance, confidence and clarity for UK one woman band businesses by providing business money well being coaching and personal coaching

I’m friendly and approachable. I understand online business. I understand your fears and concerns to get things right, to move forward and not feel overwhelmed. I understand how support and someone safe and reliable to talk to can make a real difference.

It’s perfectly normal to feel you don’t know what you’re doing with this kind of stuff. We can put that right together.

I don't provide tax or financial advice.


What I can help you with

  • Regular safe space for you to share whatever you need to about your business money wellbeing
  • Healing your relationship with your business money and yourself
  • Practical suggestions for how to create systems and supports to do what you need to do in a way that works for you
  • Regular accountability in a way that works for you (PDA friendly)
  • I'm not a counsellor (one of those legal things that needs to be said)

What it’s like to work with me

  • I am friendly and easy to talk to
  • I won’t judge you and it’s okay to ask questions
  • I am here to help you feel reassured, clear and confident
  • I give you peace of mind and a feeling of emotional safety
  • I’ve had an online business for years so I understand how online works
  • I use simple language and terms you can understand
  • I am an INFP and empath
  • I’ve had lots of clients who live with chronic illness and I’m neurodiverse, LBGTQA+, autism and PDA friendly
  • I work mostly online by Zoom
  • Some clients like to have the reassurance of email support and ongoing coaching
  • My client days are Monday and Tuesday. Sometimes other days can be arranged, so please ask
  • I invite you to book a free call with me (no video required) so we can talk about what you need or email me at rosie @
  • I don't provide financial, tax or any kind of advice

What I love

  • I love cherry tree blossom in the springtime
  • I love really good chocolate cake
  • I love deep grounding breaths in ancient woods
  • I love working from a pillow nest
  • I love the joy of a golden yellow daffodils
  • I love a home cooked meal
  • I love the satisfaction of digging out a stubborn weed
  • I love helping my clients so they feel reassured and confident and safe
  • How about you?

My business

  • I started One Man Band Accounting in 2012 and changed name to The Money Haven in 2017. Now I focus on business money wellbeing coaching and personal coaching
  • I’ve been on BBC Radio and in Global Finance, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, City AM, Economia, Gigom and Craft Business
  • I’ve supported hundreds of women (and men) to feel reassured, confident and clear with business money well being coaching and personal coaching

Feel reassured, confident and clear

I invite you to work with me business money well being coaching and personal coaching.

I invite you to book a call here (no video required) or contact me at rosie @ to explore how we can work together to create the reassurance, confidence, safety and clarity you want.

I work online by Zoom (video off or on). If you’re all Zoomed out, we can explore another option for you.


Welcome to the Haven

Rosie x