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Making Tax Digital: One of the biggest threats to your business is gone

Making Tax Digital

  Making Tax Digital One Of The Biggest Threats To Your Business Is GONE   Making Tax Digital is scrapped for most businesses like yours. If your business is over the VAT threshold you’ll still need to comply, but only from 2019. So wonderful to have some really good news. Share far and wide!   […]

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What Leaving The EU Means For EU VAT

  Leaving the EU so far has been a lot like Madonna’s song, Hung Up. As Mads says: time goes by so slowly… every little thing that you say or do… I’m hung up on you. It can feel hard to tear ourselves from the news and what on earth is going to happen next? I […]

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What Leaving The EU Means For Your Business

  It’s been like a rollercoaster without a seatbelt since the result of the UK EU referendum. It’s time to gather our energies and adjust to whatever the new realities are going to be. I’ll be covering: Leaving The EU: What’s Going To Happen Next? Leaving The EU: How Does It Affect Your Business? Leaving […]

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The New Dividend Tax For Limited Companies

Do you have a limited company? There is a new dividend tax which changes how much tax you pay as a shareholder/director when you are paid by dividends. It’s one of the biggest tax changes for business owners in years. What are dividends? What is the new dividend tax? How might the new dividend tax affect […]

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Big Changes For How You’re Paid As A Limited Company

There are 2 ways you can pay yourself as a limited company. Salary and dividends. You ask, why bother when as a sole trader you can take money out when you like? One reason is saving money. [Edit: update at the end].   The Right Time To Be A Limited Company Firstly, tax is never […]

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EU VAT Changes 2015

REFERENDUM UPDATE: Leaving The EU: What It Means For Your Business Leaving The EU: What It Means For EU VAT  I am co-founder of EU VAT Action, the primary campaigner for a threshold for EU VAT for microbusiness. REFERENDUM UPDATE: Leaving The EU: What It Means For Your Business Leaving The EU: What It Means […]

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